Last Call

We spent all day Thursday and most of the day Friday driving East.  By the time we made it to Boston I was kind of losing it.  We went out to dinner at a Sushi place near the Northeastern campus.  We drove back to Hughes’s to make plans for the rest of the evening and decided to head to one of his coworkers birthday parties near Fenway.  We took a cap to the Yardhouse and were surprised when the beer we ordered came in these humongous tapered glasses (apparently these were supposed to be “halfyard” beers).  We had a couple of more drinks before heading home for the evening.

Saturday Hughes made us breakfast like the gentleman he is.  Afterward I made Molly pick what we should do for the day while I worked on finishing my book.  She decided on the museum of fine arts, and Hughes dropped us off so we didn’t have to deal with parking.  The museum was really excellent, and we were especially impressed with a special collection displaying photography of Edward Weston.  The photos were taken for a special edition Leaves of Grass book.  The photos were taken on a cross-country trip with his wife, and included many of the same places we visited on our trip.  When the museum closed, we took the T to Arlington and sat near the duck pond people watching.  Our favorite was this one guy who was walking around the look with a boom box with “Armenia!” ducktaped to the side playing some superb Europop. 

Around 7 we walked to the North End to meet up with Hughes and Molly’s friend Katherine from Elon.  We walked around until we found a good looking restaurant and ate some delicious Italian food.  After dinner Katherine went home and we went back to Hughes’s to meet up with some of his friends.  We had a couple of drinks then walked over to some bar in the neighborhood.  His friends were pretty entertaining, and we stayed out a bit later than maybe we should have.  We got up and got on the road pretty early on Sunday, after grabbing breakfast at Dunkin Donuts that is, and made it home FINALLY Sunday around 10.


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