Finding Americana

I am a complete failure as a blogger.  I am pretty sure my last post was in February….can we consider it a case of being “too busy living to write about living”.  Yeah probably not, but I am going to try this again.  At least for a while. 

Anyway, since February I have finished three Semesters of grad school (although 2 of them were extra short).  I have taken three weekend trips, visited eight different countries (Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Greece and Turkey) and been on a six day road tour of the balkans.  I have pretty much seen every square inch of the island of Lesvos, and finally made it back to the states where I suffered possibly the greatest culture shock of all. But can I skip recapping all of that.  Trust me I am regretting not writing about it then but I was actually too busy having the time of my life.  Oh yeah, and “studying” or whatever but my point with this post is to introduce the next chapter of the adventure.

Wanderlust.  Not something I am actually sure that I have, but the best explanation for my lifestyle.  I can’t seem to stay put.  Although I am not sure I love that lifestyle.  Whenever someone asks about my life in Europe I feel like it is crucial to emphasize that it is all twofold.  It has been the best year of my life, but also probably the hardest.  I don’t totally love having to fit my life into two 20kilo suitcases and having to purge my things every time I move on. I don’t love the jetlag and the exhaustion of moving all the time.  and I especially don’t love being constantly separated from so many of the people I love.  I guess that is what inspired me to keep moving for a while this summer.  My program gave me a couple of months off, too short to really do much productive so I decided to take advantage.  My grandparents are turning 80 and we are having a reunion to celebrate so I thought I would turn the trip into a longer one.  Starting Friday, my friend Molly and I are packing up JJ the Jetta and driving west (well south west to be exact).  Over about a month we will traverse the United States all the way to California and back.  

I guess my purpose by returning to blogging is to tell this story.  It seems pretentious, but more than anything I wish I had better documentation of my adventures this year and am hoping this will provide a venue.  Additionally, in case anyone actually reads this it will let you know where Molly and I are, and where we are heading.  My hopes are it may lead us to you on our journey.  

With love and wanderlust, 




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