Nerding Out

The following post may be a bit over-exaggerated.

Yesterday I almost slept through my first class.  9am has been seeming really early lately, and “Humans and the Biosphere” aka how we are screwing everything up is a bit of a downer, not to mention the topic of an entire course I took Junior year of college.  In other words, its a bit repetitive, and resultantly boring, but I made myself attend anyway and was super excited a did because we were discussing Agriculture and Food Policy.  I actually managed to pay attention for the whole class, take notes, even comment.  Super nerdy exciting.  It was like my WHOLE LIFE made sense.  Oh thats why you interned on a farm this summer, to foster your interest in agriculture.  I could even imagine writing my thesis on food policy (yeah people already expect me to have that figured out).  I worked on the farm as a gateway to solving world hunger (and peace?).  Dramatization, sure.  But still it was a good lecture.


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