For me there is a point in every new adventure, where suddenly I look around and realize “Crap, where did the time go”.  Yeah so it’s been a while since I have blogged anything.  My bad.  Strangely enough I feel like it is because I have been really busy getting comfortable. It has been a busy few weeks.  I am almost finished with my third week of class and already feel that I should be stressed.  The set up of the MESPOM program is a bit different because of the way we are taught.  Because it is an EU program, we have professors from all over.  Instead of a consistent semester schedule of having the same classes at the same time on the same days, we have mostly smaller courses that run for about a week at a time.  The benefit of this is we are able to have classes with more specialized professors and that we are given more time to study between big projects or exams, but the downside is that we have no control of our own schedules.  Starting last Tuesday, we had a visiting professor from Erasmus University who taught us the basics of “Preventative Environmental Strategies”.  He had some really interesting ideas and was able to teach in a way that was mostly engaging, but it was still totally exhausting to have class from 9-5 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  Despite his determination to have us participate in hands on activities, class morale was still pretty low.  It is rough being a student in that manner because it is difficult to absorb the information and to have time to do the studying necessary and recoup before the next class.  On the other hand I feel like the material is changing the way I think about things.  I have always believed in recycling and everything, but that is only a tiny portion of the impact one individual has.  More on this probably later.

Apart from schoolwork I am still really enjoying Budapest.  It is starting to get cold here and feel like fall, which I must admit makes me a bit homesick.  Living in the city, there aren’t many leaves to change color.  Quite a change after living in an arboretum.  In Europe they don’t believe in corny halloween decorations or pumpkin spice lattes.  I haven’t even been able to bake anything because apparently they don’t believe in baking soda.  I bought something I am hoping is similar, but need to pick up some more ingredients before I test it out.  I guess I will just need to find some other way to make it feel like fall.


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