One Week.

It is amazing how easily we can adapt. I have been living the life of a farm intern for five days now, and I already feel totally immersed.  I was the first intern to arrive on Monday evening around 9pm.  It took me a few minutes of wandering before finding Jesse, the manager and only year round resident (apart from the animals).  The farm is really beautiful with modern architecture (it was only built a few years ago).  Jesse lives in the main house with Griffin the dog while the rest of the interns and I live on the second floor of what they call the tall barn (the first floor has an area for storage and prep etc.  On the second floor we have a common room with two big comfy white chairs and a table, as well as two bedrooms with a pair of double beds each and a bunch of closet space.  The whole place feels really homey with lots of windows and vintage headboards on all of our beds.  I share the space with Kristin, Annie and Faye the other three interns.  I have been able to get to know them over the past few days and I think we are going to get along really well.

Usually the schedule this time of year calls for pretty long days.  Tuesday to Friday we worked from about 7am to about 6 in the evening.  Friday ended up being an especially late day because Jesse wanted to get some potatoes planted while everyone was around and we had to finish getting the vegetables prepped for the market on Saturday.  We were doing our best to pound out rows of vegetables because apparently we are kind of behind on planting because of how wet it has been.  Planting is kind of my favorite though, because you kind of have to sit or kneel in order to get the vegetables in and we generally chat as well.  It has been a nice way to get to know Faye, Kristin and Annie, as well as Alex and Char the year round workers here.   On Friday after we finished with the work, we sat around and drank beer with Jesse, his two visiting French friends and Alex and Char.  Then Jesse made a large dinner of Spaghetti and Meatballs.  He is a pretty awesome cook, so I worry if he is going to suffer in the next few weeks as we begin rotating cooking.

On Saturday Annie and Kristin went to the Green City Market in Chicago with Jesse and his friends.  Apparently when the got there, there was plenty of help so they got to wander Chicago.  Faye and I stayed here to help Alex and Char plant the rest of the potatoes.  It was a pretty awesome day because we got to sleep in some and were done before lunch.  Then Faye and I went into town to grab some lunch and stock up on some snacks and such.  When we got back I took a glorious nap and went for a run.  When I got back we had a fiasco trying to feed the chickens and a bunch of them got lose.  It was kind of hilarious though because when Annie and Kristin returned the four of us spent about 20minutes trying to get them back into their coop in various ways, including grabbing them by the legs and “chicken whispering” (basically pointing and talking to them as though they are not the dumbest animals approximately ever).  When Jesse got back he suggested that instead we should leave it up to nature and opened all of the doors.

Today we have off apart from a meeting with Rob, the farm’s owner this morning.  It has been lovely to sit around reading a book and drinking coffee in the crazy comfortable armchairs in the loft.  I am excited because we are right by Lake Michigan so we should be able to get some beach days, and there is a train into Chicago so that is a good option as well.   Tomorrow is back to work though.  And I am totally alright with that.


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